​​​​Welcome – First things first!

Welcome to our very first issue of the Home Profit System newsletter series!

I want to thank you and also congratulate you on this exciting journey we are about to take together.

First things first… let’s do an exercise.

For most people this will be an unpleasant exercise, but it’s important we do it now… not later, not tomorrow… NOW.

I want you to take a good look at where you are in your life. How are you doing health-wise? How are you doing relationship-wise?

How about financially? Are you currently working? Are you in debt? Are you living within your means?

What are your addictions?

You’ll hear a lot of people who preaches God first, family second, and business third. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but I do have my own list of priorities (and I can tell you I’m not a religious person). You need to figure out what’s important to you.

Financially, where you should spend your money should always be: Food, water, shelter, then if there are any money left, goes into emergency savings fund and other priorities on your list.

You need to decide for yourself where pursuing a business opportunity should be in your list of priorities.



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